Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Every year in the marketing industry, new trends emerge, bringing with them new terminology and methods that dominate the debate. Sometimes they are fresh ideas, and sometimes they are old concepts that are receiving new attention. Here are the top ten marketing trends right now, along with tips on how to use each one. So, if you are looking for a good digital marketing institute in Pune or Mumbai that provides courses then you can definitely check these blogs; best digital marketing course in Pune and the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai.

1. 5G: Prepare for Growth

5G is a fifth-generation mobile network and a new worldwide wireless standard that provides a quicker and more powerful connection than previous generations. It allows for the creation of a network that is intended to connect everyone and everything, including devices, machines, and objects.

2. Alternative Social Platforms: Poised for Domination

Any successful platform other than the “big three” — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — is considered an alternative social media platform. The big three have been knocked off their thrones by a slew of brash social media upstarts, including WhatsApp, TikTok, and Facebook Messenger, as well as the growing popularity of Reddit and Quora.

3. Assignment Selling: Educate Prospects

Assignment selling is the deliberate use of previously generated instructional information about your products and services to address main concerns and answer prospects’ questions during the sales process. According to assignment selling philosophy, the more educated the prospect, the faster the sales process and the greater the closure rate. Prospects understand your offering better, so sales dialogues become more efficient.

4. Brand Affinity: Giving Customers More to Love

Brand affinity is a type of brand marketing that focuses on appealing existing consumers rather than gaining new customers, with the goal of converting them into ardent champions of a brand they like. In 2020, messaging and positioning should focus on cultivating brand champions that are enthusiastic about what you do.

5. Digital Charisma: Brand Marketing with Attitude

Digital charisma is a novel notion with a long history: to entice consumers to seek you out because they want to do business with you based on how and what you communicate, as well as the “feel” of your company. Consider it brand personality, but with attitude.

6. Online Communities: Promoting In-Depth Engagement

A virtual community is a collection of people who share a shared interest, passion, or goal. They can learn more and engage with other people in communities. Communities provide today’s marketers with a wealth of opportunities to bring customers together while also achieving corporate objectives. They, in particular, offer a more in-depth degree of material and interaction than social media or short-lived promotional events.

7. Mobile SEO: Optimize for Growth

Mobile SEO is the practise of using search engine optimization tactics to ensure that your website functions properly and looks beautiful on mobile devices. It’s just another method of providing online consumers with what they want, which is precisely what Google, the main search engine, has in mind.

8. Social Media Stories: Engaging Sub-Experiences

Social media stories are mobile, full-screen, vertical movies and photographs that display outside of the main feed and are only available for 24 hours. They function as sub-experiences within the main Instagram app and may be arranged into collections for further viewing. Instagram stories have become a kind of hidden weapon for many B2B marketers as a result of their success. In fact, companies account for one-third of the most watched Instagram stories. In a given month, about half of all companies on Instagram create at least one story. And 96 percent of marketers in the United States want to continue utilising tales.

9. Trustworthiness: The Antidote to “Fake News”

In 2020, trustworthiness is all on focusing on excellent material and combating “false news.” According to a poll of marketing executives, the vast majority realise the importance of building trust with customers.

The importance of dependability in obtaining and maintaining loyal clients is nothing new. However, individuals are more aware of the hazards connected with untrustworthy firms than ever before, making trustworthiness more vital than ever. It’s one of the reasons Google has sought to improve its understanding of the origins of news articles.