What Causes Many People To Fail At Learning A Language?

This year’s resolution was to learn English, but you are still procrastinating.

Get an English learning app and start today; Apologies, not today, but NOW!

Learning a new language is an adventure. What are some reasons you need to participate in this adventure?

Improved problem-solving capabilities

Enhancement of verbal skills

Enhanced long and short-term memory

Increased capacity for creative thinking

Greater flexibility and creativity

Not only just these, learning a new language has effects on you mentally and emotionally. It has an impact on your personality and your thought process.

What are the reasons that people fail to learn a new language?

Simply put, they don’t know how to do it, which is one of the main reasons why so many people choose not to learn foreign languages or why so many people struggle to do so. In addition, they lack knowledge about the best routes to take, the best resources, and how to go from basic to intermediate to advanced. Today, there are apps for any language you want to learn for learning English; you can find hundreds of English Language learning apps with top-notch resources.

Most people don’t realize that learning a new language will never be as simple as strolling through the park. Learning a language necessitates dedication and time. Unfortunately, it is one area where the majority of people fall short. There is no quick fix when learning a language; most things take time. Therefore, resolve in your mind that you won’t miss a step and clear a path for yourself. Of course, an English speaking app will make your learning journey fun and exciting, but you still have to put in the effort. 

Set goals. What is the reason you want to learn a new language? Without goals or targets, you won’t be motivated and will lose interest eventually. As for me, I am learning Korean because I am a big fan of Korean dramas, movies, and Kpop. I want my attention to be on what’s happening, not the subtitles. So every time I feel like it is tough, I do one thing, I watch a drama without subtitles, and it becomes a reminder of my goal; why am I learning Korean? It’s essential to understand why you’re learning a new language so that when you become bored or discouraged, you can reflect on your previous efforts and try to be more diligent. 

Most of us lead hectic lives and have various needs and responsibilities, so it can be challenging to find the time. I say it because if you know where to look and how to manage yourself, there is always time to find time for studying. The best way to gain momentum in your learning is to set aside time for it every day. Consistency is vital, even if it is not a lot. A 10-minute consistent practice every day is all that you need.

Learning a foreign language is not rocket science. Your approach and mindset will have a significant impact on your success.