A detailed guide to the FE electrical and computer review manual

Engineering graduates who are looking to get employed either through organizations or self-establishments try to get this certification. It gives them the right to practice and gain experience before appearing for the Professional Engineering license exam.

The FE exam is conducted for all the branches of engineering. So, candidates of any engineering discipline can take the exam. Among several disciplines, the FE electrical and computer review exam is the most popular. It is a combined test for electrical and computer engineering graduates. Thus, the exam can seem a little tough. That’s because several questions are discipline-specific and require more effort while preparing. Candidates often get confused about how to prepare for the exam. So, here you will find a detailed guide for the FE Electrical and Computer exam.

How to apply for the FE Electrical and computer exam

Candidates are advised to go to the official NCEES website at www.ncees.org. After registering themselves, candidates will be able to apply for the FE Electrical and Computer exam. Registration for the exam is done only through an online application. It is the only mode of application for the exam. After filling up the form, candidates need to pay an exam fee of $175. After payment of the fee, candidates will be successfully registered for the exam.

Reference materials for FE electrical and computer exam

A handy material for the FE exam is the FE electrical and computer review manualThe review manual has detailed explanations and questions on the key topics. After going through the book, you will feel more confident about the exam. It is a great resource for anyone appearing for the FE exam. The concepts are clarified coherently and concisely, making it easier for students to understand and interpret.

Another great material is the NCEES FE Reference handbook. The handbook is the only reference material that you will get in the exam. So, get acquainted with the handbook will give you a good edge in the exam. In the exam, you will get only electronic reference material. So, keeping a hardcopy of it and learning how to use it will benefit the exam. The reference handbook has hundreds of pages. If you don’t know how to use it, you will feel lost during the actual exam.

FE Exam passing rate

NCEES doesn’t calculate the passing percentage based on all the candidates. The passing percentage is calculated by counting the marks of only those candidates who have taken the exam for the first time. Ideally, NCEES only considers those candidates who take the exam within 12 months of graduation.

The passing rate for the FE Electrical and computer exam is around 73%. Although the exam is difficult according to several standards, you can easily pass it in the first attempt with the right preparation. The results of the FE exam are available after seven days from the day of examination. So, any candidate who has not passed the exam can choose to appear for it again.

FE Electrical and Computer exam books 

There are several books that candidates can refer to during their preparation. Apart from all the books mentioned below, candidates must read the FE electrical and computer review manual a few times before the exam.

  • Study guide for FE Electrical and computer

It is the perfect practice book for all the FE electrical and computer exam aspirants. The book has various concept-based problems that are very important from the examination point of view. There are nearly 700 problems in this book that will give adequate practice to the students. The book covers all the portions of the syllabus and is a comprehensive material for the exam.

  • FE Electrical and Computer Practice exam

If you are looking for a full-length practice exam before the actual exam, this book can be of much help. It has plenty of full-length tests that students can solve anytime they wish. The book also has detailed solutions that will help the candidates in understanding how to solve the question. It is very beneficial for the FE Electrical and computer practice exam students as it follows all the guidelines of the NCEES. The book also gives some tips about the exam.

Besides these books, candidates must also refer to the FE electrical and computer review manual before appearing for the exam. The NCEES reference handbook is another important resource that candidates must not forget about. Combined with a rigorous study plan, these resources can help the candidates secure good marks in the exam.