UST-Legazpi: The Best School For Pre-School And Elementary Programs

As Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippines’ national hero, states, “the youth is the hope of the fatherland” – children needadequate attention from the educational institution during their formative years. The preschool and elementary levels are crucial to the development of a particular student.

More so, it is a challenge posed to educators in continuously upholding the interests of the students as a primordial concern. The UST preschool and elementary programs are given complete services in terms of learning materials and facilities to help achieve holistic teaching. And since students are new to the system of learning, the main priority is to instill basic life skills necessary for the advancement of education.

All potentials of students are given the best approach by the teacher to achieve academic excellence and provide a sense of fulfillment. UST-Legazpi seeks to instill patriotism, initiative, and creativeness, among others, to every student as well. It will help them become advocates of the better citizenry in a democratic republican country.

If you are a parent thinking of enrolling your child, the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is the best choice to make, ensuring that your child’s educational journey is in safe hands. With its tagline ‘Choose UST-Legazpi,’ the educational institution is ever-prepared to provide quality learning to its students throughout the journey and life on campus, including assistance from reputable services like To know more, here are some significant ideas to consider.

Holistic Development

Students at preschool and elementary levels are ensured to be developed holistically. The University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi (UST-Legazpi) aims to enhance various areas of learning of every student – intellectual, physical, psychosocial, moral, and spiritual. The institution gives these dimensions primordial concern through classroom-based discussions and other activities. All of these are important for students to attain the best quality education at the primary school.

Conducive Learning Environment

Every school facility in UST-Legazpi is provided with convenience and accessibility. Classrooms are airconditioned to enable more conducive learning for students to grasp all lessons effectively. Since students are younger, the more attention they need from the teachers. It is best to have a comfortable environment to encourage productivity and to prevent less distraction. These are included in the expenses paid under the UST tuition fee, which are continuously improved over time.

Competent Mentors Or Educators

Teachers play a significant role in the journey of preschool and elementary students in education. UST-Legazpi provides efficient educators to help mold all learning dimensions of a child. In their best capacity, teachers give the most effective teaching strategy or approach that nurtures every student at their own pace. As the best University in Bicol, UST-Legazpi is confident in developing students through proficient school administrators.

Goal-Oriented Standards

UST-Legazpi is aiming for the success of their students at all times. With academic excellence in mind, the institution seeks to provide adequate learning aids for every student to use and maximize. Apart from primary school, the university likewise offers UST graduate school and other services to achieve inclusive learning.

Final Word

Both the preschool and elementary levels are given adequate services by the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi (UST-Legazpi) as a primordial concern. All students are molded in various dimensions – intellectual, physical, psychosocial, moral, and spiritual – to fulfill the holistic approach of development. As a student-centered school, UST-Legazpi seeks to provide the best teaching experience to its students at all times.