Guidelines To Prepare For Examinations Abroad

If you think you are capable of applying for a university abroad and are willing to get admission there. Then, you must be informed that almost all universities if  particularly talking about  UK universities, it require you to bestow additional tests as it is a part of the  application. 

Medical applicants have to study BMAT (เรียน bmat, which is the term in Thai) or UKCAT, and if pertaining for law at particular university it is mandatory to sit for LNAT.

Details About Bmat (Biomedical Admissions And Test)

Talking about the paper, BMAT is around a  two hour written  examination which is divided into three main sections:

  • Testing candidates Aptitude And Skills
  • Scientific Knowledge of Applications
  • A Writing Test.

The motive of the BMAT examination is to test the skills and knowledge that applicants possess and must have. So, you do not have to study BMAT as an entirely different subject. Although, it’s not that you can clear the test even if you don’t study BMAT at all, as it is designed to be challenging for even the ablest candidates. It evaluates high-level skills such as constructing and developing arguments, analytical thinking, and problem-solving. It is an easy yet challenging exam, so it’s advisable to take time to prepare.

(National Admissions Test For the  Law) – LNAT BRIEF

The LNAT is a 130 minutes long test divided into two sections.

Section A comprises 42 multiple-choice questions that are based at 12 argumentative passages, with 3 or 4 multiple-choice questions on each.

In section B, you will have to attempt one of three essay questions on various subjects.

The LNAT essay topics are not mainly about current affairs. The idea is to know how the world ticks, in general terms, and not judge you by what facts you know. To prepare to write intelligently about a host of different topics, Reading a quality daily newspaper will help you be aware of the world around you. 

(Scholastic Assessment Test)-  SAT

The SAT is a widely wielded standardized examination that evaluates students to get a college aptness at the United States of the Kingdom. To get a good SAT score, one must go for the best Sat Exam Tutoring. 

It would be best if you opted for qualified Sat Exam Tutoring (ติว สอบ Sat, term in Thai) to understand the basic standards of examination. 


Take the time to make yourself familiar with the respective examinations and work up an individualized growth plan. The more you know about the test, the better you’ll understand unique needs and the more effective you’ll be able to score.