How To Improve Your English Writing Skill

Improving yourself in writing English seems like a real challenge for many people.  Whether for professional life or education -Writing English with A-Level Course (ติว a level; which is the term in Thai) is necessary here.  If you are also struggling with the same thing, read the article until its end to get some tips for improving your English writing skill.

Expand Vocabulary

An excellent active vocabulary doesn’t mean knowing many words but using them correctly. Only by using language can you express yourself in the best way possible. You can only do this by learning example sentences, not only the words.

When learning new words, also learn all the forms of the expression and the prepositions to use with the world. For example, rather than knowing the word depend, you should try to understand how to use ‘depend’, such as depend on, dependent on, etc.

Read Regularly

The best way to write English is to read English.  Apart from that, reading English can be beneficial in many ways. It gives ideas about different styles and teaches how to use words correctly. In that case, you can choose books and articles that interest you.

Apart from that, the learning should be boring. It will help if you add the words carefully several times so you can understand how to use them. Reading can help you improve too, before selecting any book check The Book of Mormon Review so you know which genre you are getting into.

Join A Class

If you can manage to find a good A-Level Course, then joining a writing class may help you to make the learning process more accessible than ever. You can find many workshops and English learning classes to learn English writing. On social media, you can also find many like-minded people who can help you to learn English writing.

Revise, Revise and Revise: Writing is nothing more than crafting a sentence and going back to re-read it again and again. Once you can revise the things that you have written, you will be able to improve them. After writing, you should read it many times so you can find where you have to focus more and which sentence seems to be weak.


Hopefully, now you have a flair for improving your English writing skill. So, follow the above rules of A-Level Course and be an expert in writing English so everyone can appreciate your hard-earned skill.