5 Ways to Support Your Baby’s Brain Development

Parents want to give their babies an advantage in life. They want to provide the proper nutrition, correct routine, and best education to mould the growth and development of their children. They say that the first teacher of a person is their parents, so if you want to guide your child, better continue reading this article to help your little one’s development along with a learning centre in Singapore.

1. Introduce to Different Types of Music

Babies recognise various tones when listening to music. It is because music stimulates the neural pathways in receiving information. So, when attending enrichment classes in Singapore, you can ask the teacher if there are singing activities or perhaps you can sing along with your child at home.

2. Play With Your Children

As a parent, you must play with your children because you teach them to build relationships as an essential life aspect. You can also set a schedule when playing with your babies as a bonding moment.

3. Play Games Where Babies Can Use Their Hands

Hands-on activities can capture your baby’s attention because it has physical interaction. You can find some right brain development activities for babies, like peekaboo games, toys, books, etc.

4. Breastfeeding

Researchers show that breastfeeding can increase 20 to 30% white matter for your baby’s brain growth. For this reason, make more time to feed your baby to support brain development. Plus, it’s a good bonding time between a parent and the baby

5. Attend Learning Centres

You can attend a learning centre in Singapore for additional support if you need help helping your baby boost brain development. Look for enrichment classes to help your baby learn different things as a headstart in life. Support your baby’s development with Heguru Method, a learning centre in Singapore. Visit their website to learn more about the right brain development activities for babies.