A Change in Perspective of Online Learning

At this point in time, with the pandemic situation around us, students don’t know how or what will happen with their exams. It is harder for students from 12th grade now because of the competitive exams they are preparing for like IIT JEE and NEET. they don’t know how and when the exams will be conducted. Apart from that, 10th grade students, who are preparing for boards are also found confused in these situations. The lectures this whole year have been online and thus have created a gap between students and studies. The students are finding new ways to clear their queries, their answers to  SSC and CBSE doubts, for their upcoming board exams and even new ways to study on the internet like studying online with strangers on zoom, digital flashcards to answer questions, organizing and analyzing the notes at one place, etc.

It is indeed true that last year has changed our perspective on online learning.  Where we once wanted students to have digital classrooms, now the value of the personal touch of teacher’s teaching is realized. Many students find it hard to study online due to disturbances around them, some may have internet issues, most of the lectures sometimes get canceled due to the teacher himself/herself having trouble with the system, attention span is decreased on a screen and many other factors. On top of that, the online assignments seem more of a burden to students rather than a learning experience. Apart from that, many chemistry topics need to be shown to the students in the lab, so that they understand the topic better and also the reasoning behind it, the experimentation in the lab part can’t be replaced by videos nor the chemistry doubts app. Practicals are a very important part of the study and are neglected in online learning.

Now, coming to competitive exams like JEE and NEET, most of the students prepare for these in coaching classes where the professors, in the traditional way, make sure that the student understands the why and how behind everything but in the online learning they are not able to connect with the students on that level. Thus, students might say in the online class that he understood but actually hasn’t, even the teacher doesn’t have any other option to check whether everyone understood or not. Teachers can’t check over every individual student and their doubts in one class. That’s why many students are turning towards applications to solve doubts and understand a concept better. The scan & solve JEE and NEET doubt clearing app – Kunduz, which allows you to upload a photo of your question, thus proceeding to provide you with a personalised answer from an expert teacher from their faculty, have seen a significant rise in the number of students taking advantage of this feature.

With competitive exams and boards just around the corner, students are using any means necessary to do better in their studies and up their game and taking advantage of all the possible reliable sources they have access to. Only time will tell how this learning module shall evolve in the future. Until next time, stay safe & Best of luck with your exams!