Entertainment News: The Challenges Faced by Young Talents

In show business, it can be quite difficult to find peace in your job because most of the time – especially if you are a child actor because they tend to be treated as young adults, which can sometimes be quite a hassle to deal with.

Child actors are forced to grow up quickly due to the nature of the entertainment industry. A child’s self-esteem can become highly dependent on praise and their behavior can be influenced by all kinds of external factors. And that’s not all.

Lack of Control

As a child actor in the entertainment industry, most of them have little to no control over their environment. Many expectations are laid on young actors from parents, managers, agents, etc.

Children are instructed on how to behave during interviews, how to act a certain way, when to cry, when to smile, and more. This causes children to develop needs to become perfect at all times which is not always healthy for a young child to deal with.

Isolation From Fame

When certain levels of success are achieved, it can leave people alienated. This can be quite difficult for child actors to deal with as they need socialization and the interaction helps them to stay more in touch with their personal childhood life. Without that, these young child actors lose the ability to communicate with their peers and actually enjoy their company.

Confronting Struggles

Despite there being several reasons why many child actors can find it difficult to stay sane in their career, there are still ways to help them cope with challenges and still enjoy the experience of being an actor.

The best way to figure out how to seek solace in your career is to approach people who have experienced the same thing but still managed to have fun being a child actor.

For example, let us consider the life of Robert L Harris – better known by his stage name, Robert Harris – who is known to be a renowned American actor, musician, producer, and entrepreneur.

His professional journey began when he signed a recording deal from a reputable acting agency during his childhood years. You would often find him singing and performing as a child in his church, attracting many agents to reach out to him for a future in acting.

In the beginning, Harris also struggled with his acting career. Despite being good at his job, he felt he was missing out on many things other kids his age were doing. It took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to be happier in his career but he eventually found it.

He started communicating with all kinds of people who were his age or older than him. He would also take the time to indulge in activities that most kids would and with the support of his family, he was able to control the expectation they had on him and did his best no matter the outcome.

Naturally this became a great approach and he started working on many voice acting roles for Disney and on ‘The Sandlot,’ including appearing in many baby commercials that led him to receive many rewards over the years. Harris has often talked about the struggles of being a child actor but believes that with the right mindset and determination, it becomes easier to balance both professional and personal lives.