How About Something Revolutionary – Water for Storage of understanding, You Are Able To Freeze It

Today we are collecting information within the mind-blowing pace. NASA noted the hour of hd surveillance within our climate, or facing another distance to space could accumulate terabytes of understanding within the handful of hrs. Wow, so exactly how should we transfer such data through old satellite bandwidth ability or store everything after we obtain the investment back here on terra firma? Storage is going to be cheaper today, nevertheless it’s not free whatsoever. A couple of words.

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The factor is recently, I used to be obtaining legal representative acquiring a principal-Framer IBM’er who noted that people could store information via magnetic tape, the old way. And don’t kid yourself, we still do this, most companies do, and in addition it works. Once I suggested to my acquaintance that people needed an entirely new revolutionary strategy, I requested why not keep information in water-ice.

He chuckled and joked “Perform that many. I froze my bank card once – froze my credit score too – frightening year,” then added across the serious note “Nevertheless the same to it is something hospitals still use, Magneto-Optical drives. The Magnetic bits could simply be altered whenever a laser thaws the very best. What technology aside from a tape drive you think individuals major gov departments use to archive data which will last more than fifty years?”

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Allow me to show individuals may store unbelievable amounts of date for extended occasions. How about the identical you compute with quantum physics – the factor is, water already contains information so, we just duplicate what nature does. We’re able to make use of the herpes virus, bacteria, DNA or any kind of new ways to keep data. If space is a problem, consider the amount of molecules of air come someplace, or simply a liquid inside the tank, or the quantity of atoms inside the glass water. The entire arena of all we are feeling everyone knows, it’s all regulated controlled controlledcontrolled information – when we in a few days it in this way – no under philosophically, the potentials for information storage become hugely impressive.