How I Maximise My Online Chinese Class in Singapore

We all have our reasons for deciding to learn Mandarin online. In my case, I need to be proficient in Mandarin for my work. Just imagine a day working in a company with 75% Mandarin speakers. Since I need to go to work in the morning and do some household errands past working hours, I find that attending a language centre in person is impossible. Thus, I resorted to taking my Chinese class in Singapore online.

Studying a language online can be a bit difficult. However, since I have very little choice in the matter, I managed to find ways to maximise my classes and learn Mandarin online effectively.

Why I Choose to Learn Mandarin Online

Apart from juggling work and household responsibilities, another factor came into the picture that convinced me to take an online Chinese class. I have to study the Chinese language during the pandemic. As travelling and attending schools are restricted in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, I study the language online. Thus, instead of enjoying a phonics class with other students, I need to learn the language in front of my laptop, alone in my room most of the time.

Challenges of Attending a Chinese Class Online

Of course, it wasn’t easy. When you have very little knowledge of the Chinese language, it is hard to learn Mandarin online. Some of the challenges I experienced during my classes are as follows:

  • Poor Internet Connection
  • Distractions or Non-Conducive Environment
  • Constant Lost of Interest

How I Overcome Those Challenges

The most important solution to overcome the challenges you may encounter in an online Chinese class is to stick to your motivation. Remember why you are attending the class and what it can give you. One absence can cause you to find other lessons more difficult.

Sometimes, I trick myself into thinking that not attending a class has consequences. Surprisingly, this has worked most of the time. Here are some tips you may consider when taking an online Chinese class:

Opt for Skillsfuture Credits. As you may have observed, financial difficulties are not on the list of challenges I encountered. Why? Because I opted to take advantage of Skillsfuture in Chinese language. It lifts some of the burden the tuition fee and learning materials brought to my monthly expenses.

Time Management. It is crucial to balance time when attending a Chinese class online. I strive to finish all other work before every online Chinese class. Thus, I will not need to worry about them while studying.

Practise at Home. The best place to practise speaking the Chinese language is at home. I suggest labelling every canister at home with the Chinese name of the content. This way, you will be able to see the characters every day and be more familiar with them.

Watch Chinese Films and Series. It has helped me a lot in a way that I see whether I am progressing or not. Being able to understand what you are watching with little help from the subtitles is also very rewarding.

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