4 Important Roles That A Chartered Accountant Plays In The Corporate World

One important thing to note about most business owners in Singapore is that they frequently fall back on cliched answers like tax management, auditing, financial management, budget analysis and management accounting. It is why seeking the professional assistance and services of a chartered accountant is crucial!

What Is A Chartered Accountant? 


Chartered accountants are fully licenced accountants who play a wide range of significant roles. An efficient chartered accountant examines financial records and offers information, paying particular attention to financial reporting, taxation, corporate finance, business recovery, and insolvency.

A chartered accountant is frequently in charge of examining financial records and dispensing financial counsel that the recipient may use to save costs or boost profitability. In addition to working in various organisations, a chartered accountant can work in the public, not-for-profit, private sectors, industry, and public practice.

The ICAEW ACA is a highly regarded professional degree that calls for students to complete at least three years of on-the-job training while passing several exams to become eligible for an ICAEW chartered accountant. Before completing the remaining six modules of the qualification, you can begin your training by giving the ICAEW’s Certificate in Finance, Accounting, and Business or ICAEW CFAB, which makes up the first six modules of the ICAEW ACA.

The ICAEW CFAB is a credential that imparts fundamental business, accounting, and finance knowledge. It is accessible to everyone and flexible to fit your daily routine, so you don’t have to worry. The exams can be taken in any order at numerous testing locations worldwide.

Now, get to know the important roles that a chartered accountant plays in the corporate world.

4 Important Roles That A Chartered Accountant Plays In The Corporate World


1. Uses Logical Inquiry To Find Solutions

In Singapore, most accounting service companies offer expertise in the form of chartered accountants. These experts are priceless resources for any organisation because they apply their knowledge and inquire about the operations based on their comprehension of the financials.

Thanks to their training, they can better comprehend the business and the environment in which it operates. A chartered accountant put their expertise to work by posing thought-provoking questions and offering practical solutions to difficulties.

2. Effective Strategy Consultant

Chartered accountants will support corporate strategy when employed by a company or hired on a temporary basis to provide accounting services. They guide business owners in reducing expenses, increasing financial efficiency, boosting profits, and managing risks.

A chartered accountant protects the interests of the shareholders and directs the business in areas like governance, budgeting, and financial reporting in a company’s top leadership, such as board members.

3. Responsible For Submitting Taxes

There is a tonne of tax paperwork that comes with owning a business. A chartered accountant can help small business owners prevent errors in their documentation by assisting them with tax filing. Because they have taken the required courses and tests, many CAs are proficient in taxation.

4. Risk Reduction And Integrity Defender

A chartered accountant offers independent reviews and assurances to management and other stakeholders, including regulators, shareholders, and customers. Additionally, they guide how to strengthen and improve the company’s integrity and ensure that the risk management, governance, and internal control processes are operating effectively and efficiently.

Learn more about being a chartered accountant and attain that accounting certification! Visit the website of ICAEW Singapore to learn more about their services.