Primary English Or Science Tuition? Here’s How I Chose One For My Child 

Many learning opportunities can sharpen and shape the skills of children. It can be joining a creative writing clinic for primary school students to elevate how they communicate their thoughts through words. On the other hand, some would join a Science tuition centre to gain a deeper understanding of the environment around them. One is not better than the other, and as a parent, I would share my experiences and tips on ways you can choose the best programme for your primary school student.


In my case, the purpose was to equip my child with the skills they need to succeed academically. Also, there were no signs of severe problems or issues that made them lag behind their peers and classmates. All I wanted was for them to have a stable performance in class and a healthy relationship with their education. With this, I did not have a particular subject in mind, such as enrolling in a Science tuition centre in Singapore, but I had a reason.

No rule indicates that parents must choose between a Science and English programme because one is superior to the other. Instead, explore them in terms of what you want to achieve or the problem you wish to solve. For example, a mathematics programme is best for those who want to know more about crunching numbers and understanding complex equations. Also, they are best for students who love the subject!


It is not to say a particular programme has a set of disadvantages, but if you are in the situation of choosing one option out of two, learn how to weigh the pros and cons. In my case, I was picking between a specialised Science tuition programme in Singapore or a more general one with all the subjects. Here, I listed all the options, wrote their respective strengths and weaknesses, and made a decision based on the information I was reading.

Some parents think children cannot make decisions, and they usually decide without consulting their preferences and needs. In my case, I asked my child if they want to join an English programme to sharpen their communication skills or Science tuition to gain more understanding about the environment and physical world. Luckily, my child said yes, and they wanted to join an English class to learn the language better.  


Aside from asking my child and considering their needs above all else, I observed their academics because I wanted to ensure that primary English tuition in Singapore was the right decision to make. Here, I checked their worksheets and other requirements in school. My child did not have performance issues that needed intervention, but I still pushed through because they wanted to join the class. LK Academy is a tuition centre with many programmes for children. You can visit their website to learn about a creative writing class for primary school students or send an inquiry on whatever concern you might have.