5 Common Mistakes Korean Class Learners In Singapore Commit

Nowadays, many students are eager to learn about the Korean language. Even when they are probably swimming in academic tasks, exams, and school projects, they still make it to a point to find time for some me-time! Nothing can stop them from streaming their favourite K-pop songs, stalking their bias, or binge-watching Business Proposal, CLOY, DOTS, Hometown Cha-Cha-cha, and other Korean dramas down to their last episode while studying.

If these feel-good dramas and songs are something you watch, listen to, and do daily, then self-learning won’t do the deal—you need something more advanced, like a Korean language class in Singapore quenches your thirst for next-level knowledge.

Read on for some mistakes to avoid while immersing yourself in a Korean language centre.


One primary thing you will learn in a Korean language course in Singaporeis Hangul. Your instructors will help you comprehend Hangul alphabets and characters more conveniently, quickly, and efficiently. And if you are in the process, you will discover that the alphabet has got to be the easiest part to learn in the Korean language learning process. But while letters are undemanding to study, constructing Korean sentences is the other side of the coin.

Although learning them is straightforward, taking a Korean class in Singaporeand having a skilled instructor can help you master Hangul alphabets and sentences effortlessly. 


Almost every language has its own expressions and idioms. For instance, Australia has different slang with other meanings to another language. The Korean language does not get exempted from this. Instead, take a Korean class in Singaporeto learn the basic expressions or idioms.


A Korean language course in Singapore can help you understand how to use Hangul in a sentence. When taking classes, listen to your instructor as much as possible. Listening can create an image of the Hangul characters in your mind, thus, helping you better understand it.


Besides listening, another good practice in a Korean language centre is frequently speaking Hangul characters and sentences. Learning it alone will not suffice, so store what you learned in your mind and use it to communicate.


One good reason to immerse yourself in a Korean language class in Singaporeis to practise communication. Find someone to help youlearn the Korean language well in real life. If you are in a class, that is good. You have a professional instructor with you. If not, you can look for native speakers or other language learners to converse with you over video-calling platforms.

As the popularity of Korean culture continuously booms across the globe, so did the interest of many people to take a Korean class in Singapore. These classes can help you relate to every lyric in that repeat-worthy song or during emotional scenes from the drama. Moreover, it can help you survive off of translations and subtitles. 

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