How to Professionally Belly Dance in Singapore in 4 Steps

Belly dancing is a beautiful art form, and many professional dancers are making a living off their dance skills. If you want to become a professional like them, it will not be easy. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, either. Here are the X best tips to start with, so you can soon professionally belly dance in Singapore.

1. Attend Belly Dancing Classes Regularly

You won’t be able to improve without the proper training and practice. If you want to take this career seriously, keeping your skills in top shape is essential. If possible, look for a belly dance instructor who can train you one-on-one. They’ll be able to put all their focus on you, so they’ll see any mistakes and give you accurate advice on ways to improve. Make sure your instructor is accredited and qualified to give lessons.

2. Self-Assess And Practise

If you want to belly dance in Singapore for a living, you need to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Do a self-assessment by taking a video of yourself dancing for at least ten minutes in full costume. Try out any props you feel most comfortable with, such as veils, canes, or finger cymbals. When you watch your video, does it look professional? What are the aspects you can improve?

3. Gain Professional Experience Through Freelance

Many belly dancers for hire start their journey freelancing. As terrifying as it may sound to put yourself out there, it’s one of the only ways you’re going to make people know your name. Look online and apply for any gigs available. Soon, professional gigs will start coming your way. You may even find yourself joining a belly dancing troupe.

4. Make Connections

Another great way to put your name out in the belly dancing community is by connecting with professionals already inside it. Recommendations are one of the best ways to get gigs, so connections spreading the word about your services will benefit you greatly. In return, attend their belly dancing gigs whenever you can to support them. Ensure you tip well, and never steal their spotlight too long if they ask for audience participation. You can start making connections by befriending your belly dance instructor.

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