The most trending technology, widely-used phrase, and most heard online course during Covid times-all have one name in common- DATA SCIENCE.


Data science is a complex and effective way to make the best use of available data. Data science is playing with data and noticing its effects. This game played with raw data is a combination of programming skills, processes, algorithms, scientific methods, and various tools to extract knowledge about structural and unstructured data.


As stated above, data science is a game to play with available data. Data science is an idea that is used almost everywhere around us. This is a game that is very helpful to organize the future using past experiences. Some of the important facilities provided are health care, cancer care recommendations, medical image analysis, genetics, and genomics. Data science helps sectors like gaming, airline route planning, speech recognition, detecting fraud, and risk.


We are living in a digital world today. We are lucky that technology helps us in the best ways that were once unimaginable to our predecessors. Coming up with the different methodologies and summing up the act together as fast as possible is the best way to combat the Covid pandemic.

  • Data science through apps: The Chinese government has recently come up with an app-based software to preserve its citizens’ health-related data. This app generates red, yellow, and green QR codes corresponding to the Covid-19 risk levels. Similarly, another app with the same motive has come up in the U.K. Aarogya Setu app is one of the best examples that can give data science information during this pandemic. 
  • Contact tracing: Data science plays a major role in contact tracing. It has been noted that data science is one of the leading algorithms to trace the confirmed Covid-19 cases. This helps in knowing the other suspected cases too.
  • Tracking the spread speed: Graph databases of data science help show how Covid-19 is spreading. This graph shows relations between people, things, places, etc. It is used to confirm whether a confirmed Covid-19 case may have spread to other beings.
  • Finding possible cures: Data scientists are also working to unveil effective treatments. The process of antibody discovery in a lab takes years, but it takes just a few weeks to search for therapeutic antibodies with data science algorithms.
  • Combating disinformation: During more intense times, misinformation makes its own way in. To combat this, data science has helped a lot. Misinformation can be a threat to all during this pandemic. Data science course has helped by comparing social media posts to data sets to scientifically opted truths to ignore misinformation.

With the growing world of technology today, people are lucky to witness the change that data science has brought to their lives. Data science is helping and will continue to help mankind. With the right information and usage, data science is a method to resolve real-life problems. It has already shown its importance in this intense period of the coronavirus. The post-Covid world will likely be dependent on data science and its algorithms.                 

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