Happy Chinese New Year 2022: The Year of the Tiger

2022 marks the Year of the Tiger as a new lunar year began in the Chinese calendar on 1st February. More specifically, this year marks the year of the Water Tiger. Let’s find out more about the Chinese zodiac and what the year of the Tiger means for us.

The Chinese Zodiac Cycle

To begin, this is 3rd of the 12-year cycle in the Chinese zodiac which traditionally follows this order:

  1. Rat ( shǔ)
  2. Ox ( niú)
  3. Tiger ( hǔ)
  4. Rabbit ( tù)
  5. Dragon ( lóng)
  6. Snake ( shé)
  7. Horse ( mǎ)
  8. Goat ( yang)
  9. Monkey ( hóu)
  10. Rooster ( jī)
  11. Dog ( gǒu)
  12. Pig ( zhū)

This cycle then branches according to each zodiac sign; for the Year of the Tiger, it follows this order:

  • 13th February 1926 to 1st February 1927: Fire Tiger
  • 31st January 1938 to 18th February 1939: Earth Tiger
  • 17th February 1950 to 5th February 1951: Metal Tiger
  • 5th February 1962 to 24th January 1963: Water Tiger
  • 23rd January 1974 to 10th February 1975: Wood Tiger
  • 9th February 1986 to 28th January 1987: Fire Tiger
  • 28th January 1998 to 15th February 1999: Earth Tiger
  • 14th February 2010 to 2nd February 2011: Metal Tiger
  • 1st February 2022 to 21st January 2023: Water Tiger
  • 19th February 2034 to 7th February 2035: Wood Tiger

Key Characteristics of the Tiger & the Water Tiger

For every Chinese zodiac, there are said to be specific characteristics that those who are born into them carry throughout their lives. Individuals born in the Year of the Tiger are confident, independent and optimistic, just like the animal and the pride they radiate.

Their charm also radiates, encouraging people to be instinctively drawn to their energy whenever they walk into the room. However, these individuals can also feel isolated and lonely when their occasional thoughtlessness and rebellious nature is left to run free.

The Water Tiger is still ultimately a tiger, so individuals born in this particular year still portray power, courage and a tough exterior. Although, they are also seen as a calmer, more rational and realistic Tiger compared to others in the 60-year zodiac. Another trait is that Water Tigers are relationship-oriented and dedicated to family life.

Celebrities Born in the Year of the Tiger

Do you know any famous Tigers? Here’s a list of some celebrities who were born in the Year of the Tiger and what type of Tiger they are:

  • John Steinbeck, American author: 27th February 1902 – Water Tiger
  • Queen Elizabeth II, Monarch of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth: 21st April 1926 – Fire Tiger
  • David Attenborough, British natural history filmmaker: 8th May 1926 – Fire Tiger
  • Bill Withers, American singer-songwriter: 4th July 1938 – Earth Tiger
  • Richard Branson, British business magnate: 18th July 1950 – Metal Tiger
  • Steve Irwin, Australian naturalist and TV star: 22nd February 1962 – Water Tiger
  • Olivia Colman, British actress: 30th January 1974 – Wood Tiger
  • Lady Gaga, American singer-songwriter and actress: 28th March 1986 – Fire Tiger
  • Usain Bolt, Jamaican Olympic sprinter: 21st August 1986 – Fire Tiger
  • Amanda Gorman, American poet and activist: 7th March 1998 – Earth Tiger

Superstitions & Traditions of the Year of the Tiger

Each zodiac is also associated with certain superstitions and traditions which Chinese culture is heavily renowned for. For those born in the Year of the Tiger, these superstitions and traditions are:

Lucky Colours: Blue, Green, Orange

Unlucky Colours: Brown, White

Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 7

Unlucky Numbers: 6, 8

Lucky Flowers: Plum Blossom, Cineraria

Lucky Directions: North, East, South

Unlucky Directions: Southwest

All of these colours, numbers, flowers and directions should be avoided. Do you know what year you were born into? Take a closer look at the origins of each Chinese zodiac and you might just reveal something about yourself you didn’t know.